Positive effects of breast augmentation

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Is Breast Augmentation a good choice?


The breasts are some of the most important feminine assets a woman could posses on her body. It therefore becomes a source of agony to a woman if the breasts are asymetrical, bigger or smaller than normal. Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that has come to help women overcome the challenges of abnormalities in their breasts. Now, keep reading further to know the benefits of a breast implants surgery and see if this is a good surgery choice to women.

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Perhaps the biggest impact that breast augmentation has on a woman is that confidence level is restored. Usually, any imperfection on the breasts becomes such a sensitive issue which cause the woman to withdraw from social life. This makes it difficult for her to do anything that will reveal her breasts. She will not be able to talk in front of others for fear that other people will focus more on her breast appearance than the substance of her speech.

In Brisbane, thousands of successful breast implants surgery are performed annually. The majority of breast implants patients ages from 18 to 35 years old. One of the most reputable cosmetic surgeon who specializes breast implants surgery is Dr James Chen. He has performed over 60 000+ surgery over many decades. If you are interested to visit his practice, learn more at – http://www.cosmeticsurgery-brisbane.com.au/breast-implants/

Self image

For a woman, image is everything, hence the need to look okay in all parts of the body. An imperfection could seriously erode herself perception before others. This has more to do with how she perceives as opposed to how others see her. Self image is important for any woman in order to be confident. Breast augmentation has positive effect on a woman because it improves her appearance such that she is able to appreciate herself.

Physical appearance

Imagine losing a whole breast cancer and having to live without one breast. Cosmetic surgery has changed things such that you have an artificial breast to replace the natural one. This helps the woman feel good about her, the fact that she has a replacement of her breast after losing one due to cancer.


Having symmetrical breasts is expected but is not guaranteed. For women, one of the biggest agonies they have to cope with is living with two breasts which are not symmetrical. Thanks to cosmetic surgery, symmetry is restored to the breasts.


Research has shown that women who have undergone breast augmentation as a cosmetic surgery post higher rates of satisfaction with the outcome of the surgery. This is as opposed to those who have not undergone the procedure. It is important that one is satisfied with the results of such a procedure as it points to the fact that you are happy and contented.

Cosmetic surgery covers many different types of procedures other than breast implants. It includes face lift, rhinoplasty, tummy tuck, liposuction and many other laser & non-surgical procedures. Check out our cosmetic surgery clinic in Brisbane for more information – http://www.cosmeticsurgery-brisbane.com.au/

Improved quality of life

Breast augmentation as a cosmetic surgery helps to improve the quality of life. Statistics show that 64% of respondents in a survey reported that they were happy about the positive turn of events after undergoing the breast augmentation procedure.


Just like confidence is really important to a woman. It means that she does not look down on herself. The psychological effect of the procedure shows that 92% in a study said that their self esteem had been improved after undergoing the cosmetic procedure. This psychological benefit stems from the fact women become increasingly conscious about their appearance before the surgery, but this feeling diminishes after the procedure.

High expectations

The cosmetic procedure raises patients’ expectation on looking better than they really are.

The Gems on Getting Cosmetic Surgery Prices Right

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By now, you may have a keen know-how on the fact that cosmetic surgery procedures come in different types of prices and packaged series. These prices vary because of the factors that are included in the service package. These things which are inclusive in the price of a treatment package include doctor’s fee, the administration of the procedure, usage of equipment, and the medications which will be used during your operation. It is also understandable that one of the most common concerns for any cosmetic or plastic surgery procedure is that it can be pretty expensive. It’s a definite investment that you need to work on before you finally get on with the procedure.

The price range of cosmetic surgery procedures

Breast-augmentationThis is a guide for you on the price ranges of common cosmetic surgical procedures so you’ll know where to start and how much to invest on if you’re planning to have one in the near future. The prices may be sky-high at the moment but if you’ll be going under the knife with an expert and well-trained surgeon, your investment and your overall well-being will definitely be in good hands.

For your guidance, breast augmentation surgery can cost from $3000-$5000. On the other hand, breast reduction can range from $5000 to about $10000 for one session. If you need to have your implants revised because of leakage or you have a change of mind, an operation may cost you at $4000-$6000.

Then there’s facial procedures which are definitely more affordable compared to other types of surgery. This is because the area of the face is smaller and there is less work to be done, except in reconstructive surgery post accident of course, in severe cases. If you need a brow lift, it can cost as much as $3000. Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery starts at $4000 and common face lifts usually cost $6000 and above.

What procedure is best for me?

mommyNeck lifts, which are in demand for people who want to get rid of sagging skin on the neck can start from $2000-$5000. One of the most common procedures in the field of cosmetic surgery is rhinoplasty or nose lift. It can start at $5000 while basic lip augmentation can start for as low as $300-$5000. If you need a liposuction or fat removal procedure, your operation can start from $2000 until up to $17000.

Albeit many people think that it’s not wise or practical to invest on a cosmetic surgery procedure wherein you will need to pool all the money that you have on just one operation, try to think about it instead for your own good. You alone are the only one who knows what’s really best for you. If you think it can boost your self-esteem and confidence when you get under the knife, then have it your way. Just make sure that you consult with a well-trained surgeon to start with for your safety and utmost satisfaction.


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